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Inter-Country Adoption

Regular Adoption PrOCESS
  1. Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) to submit the adoption application together with the required supporting documents to the Foreign Adoption Agency (FAA) or Central Authority (CA) in the country where the PAPs reside
  2. FAA/CA to subsequently endorse the adoption application dossier to the NACC for evaluation and decision
  3. FAA/CA will be informed if there are lacking documents or information on the PAPs for completion/submission
  4. If PAPs are approved, they will be included in the NACC Roster of Approved Applicants.
  5. PAPs will be matched to a child based on their capability and suitability to address the particular needs of a child.
  6. The waiting period for matching depends on the PAPs’ preference and their openness to accept a child with medical or developmental conditions as well as the availability of a child cleared for intercountry adoption
  7. If PAPs receive a match and they accept the proposed placement, the child’s travel documents will be processed by NACC
  8. PAPs have to personally come to the Philippines for the child’s entrustment.
  9. PAPs have to stay in the Philippines for at least five (5) days to allow bonding to occur between and among them
  10. FAA/CA will monitor the reciprocal adjustment of the child and the PAPs abroad within at least six (6) months
  11. If a satisfactory pre-adoptive relationship is formed between the PAPs and the child, NACC will transmit to the FAA/CA the Certification of Authority of Consent to Adopt (CACA) to enable the PAPs to finalize the child’s adoption abroad
  12. Once adoption has been completed abroad, the FAA/CA has to transmit to NACC a copy of the final Decree of Adoption or its equivalent, including the Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization