Philippine Standard Time:


The National Authority for Child Care (NACC) shall exercise all powers and functions relating to    alternative child care including, declaring a child legally available for adoption for both domestic    administrative adoption and inter-country adoption, foster care, kinship care, family-like care or    residential care.


NACC is the lead agency in ensuring that every Filipino needing adoption or alternative child care     has a permanent loving, caring, and nurturing home.


NACC is the only one-stop quasi-judicial agency providing expeditious and inexpensive administrative adoption procedures for every Filipino needing adoptive families.

NACC shall lead in the formulation, coordination, implementation, and monitoring of policies and  programs governing adoption or alternative care that will ensure protection and care of children which will result in their placement in permanent and nurturing homes.


To place Filipino children with suitable alternative and domestic or foreign adoptive families abroad OUTCOME  to ensure the protection, security, and best interests of the children.


Filipino Children in suitable alternative child care or permanent adoptive families secured and OUTCOME  protected