Philippine Standard Time:


  1. The child is allowed to travel outside the country with the foster parents only when the RACC Officer approves the assessment and recommendations made by the social worker. 
  2. The travel clearance shall be limited to one-time travel only. 
  3. The CDCLAA is required and a copy thereof shall be submitted to the RACCO together with the letter of request and notarized Undertaking. 
  4. The Foster Family Care License (FFCL) and Foster Placement Authority (FPA) must be valid within the approved travel period of the child. 


Step 1:  Two months before the scheduled travel, the foster parent/s send an official letter, through the CPA or LGU, requesting permission to bring their foster child outside the country. 

Step 2: The RACCO/NACC social worker assesses the foster parent/s request to travel along with the documents attached. If the duration of travel exceeds two (2) weeks, request is endorsed to NACC for approval or disapproval. 

Step 3: The RACC Officer/NACC Executive Director approves the request based on the assessment and recommendation of the concerned foster care social worker. 

Step 4: The RACC Officer/NACC Executive Director issues the Consent to Travel indicating the approved travel period of the child to the foster parents. 

Step 5: The foster parents inform the social worker, in writing, if there is a need to extend their travel and the reason/s for the extension along with the planned return details. 

Step 6: Upon the return of the foster family in the country, the CPA/LGU/RACCO social worker prepares a report, with photos attached of the foster parents and the foster child during the travel. 

  1. Official letter requesting permission to bring their foster child outside the country. The date of departure and arrival to the country of destination, mode of transportation, and reason/s for bringing the foster child/ren must be indicated in the letter. 
  2. Travel Itinerary
  3. Transportation/hotel/accommodation bookings
  4. Notarized Affidavit that the foster parents will present the foster child and report to RACCO five (5) days after their return to the place of residency.