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Fees, Charges, and Assessment

These fees are provided for by Article III Section 13 of the Inter-Country Adoption Act of 1995 (RA 8043) and Section 29 and 40 of the Amended Implementing Rules and Regulations on Inter-Country Adoption. Effective February 2007, the ICAB fees which applies to all adoption categories (Regular or Non-Relative, Relative, Special Needs, Special Home Finding, Summer Program and Medical Missions) are as follows:


  • The finalized Local Adoption cases requiring ICAB’s ratification has its own schedule of fees.


  • The ICAB also supports the request of the Association of the Child Caring Agencies of the Philippines (ACCAP) to increase its Child Care Support Fund (CCSF) from US$ 500.00 to US$ 1,000.00 per placement.


  • All payments (except for the CCSF which shall be addressed to the child caring agency where the child came from) shall be in the form of a company check or international bank draft and shall be made payable to the Inter-Country Adoption Board. Personal checks, travelers check or cash WILL NOT be accepted.


  • No adoption application will be processed and no Placement Authority will be issued unless the corresponding fees are received by the ICAB.

Other pre-travel/pre-adoptive costs such as visa pictures, visa medical fee, visa fee, authentication or legalization fee of documents varies according to the Receiving Country.