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Job Vacancy


We wish to inform you that the National Authority for Child Care (NACC) formerly Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) has One (1) vacant Permanent positions, and one (1) vacant Contract of Service with details as follow

Compensation             :        SG 9 (Php 20,402.00)

Place of Assignment   :        Records Unit


Education          : Completion of two (2) year of studies in College or High School graduate with relevant vocational/trade course

Experience        : One (1) year of relevant experience

Training             : Four (4) hours of relevant training

Eligibility            : Not Applicable


  • Assist the Records Officer in the identification and classification of records
  • Assist the Records Officer in documents creation and control
  • Responsible in the retrieval and re-filing of adoption records in respective case folders and boxes
  • Assist other units in the preparation of Statistical reports
  • Record and issue serial number of adoption documents (Placement Authority, Certificates, Clearances, Adoption Orders, and other pertinent documents)
  • Assist in the inventory and appraisal of records
  • Assist in the disposal of valueless records
  • Maintain a list of unit’s supplies
  • Sort adoption records in preparation for digitization
  • Scan and save documents and records
  • Assist in the maintenance of the Records and Archives Center
  • Perform other related tasks

Date of Posting: June 17, 2022

Deadline:           June 24, 2022


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Item code                    :          ICABB-SOCWO2-10-2012

Compensation             :          SG 15 (Php 35,097.00)

Place of Assignment   :          Relative Adoption Unit (RAU)


Education          : Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

Experience        : Two (2) years of relevant experience

Training             : Eight (8) hours of relevant training

Eligibility            : RA 1080 (Social Work)


  1. Review and assess Questionnaire for Relative Adoption Applicants;
  2. Refer cases of children proposed for adoption for eligibility assessment of the DSWD;
  3. Review and assess dossiers of children cleared for intercountry adoption;
  4. Review and assess adoption applications for relative adoptions;
  5. Prepare Executive Summaries on proposed placement for presentation to and decision of the Child Placement Committee;
  6. Facilitate the processing of medical examinations and other travel documents of children matched and accepted by prospective adoptive parents;
  7. Attend to visa interviews in Foreign Embassies;
  8. Coordinate, facilitate and attend to entrustment of children to prospective adoptive parents;
  9. Review and assess post placement reports, prepare justifications for the issuance of the Certificate of Affidavit of Consent to Adoption;
  10. Monitor endorsement of adoption decree;
  11. Respond to inquiries from relevant interested parties;
  12. Maintain and update caseload inventories; and
  13. Provide quarterly case updates to Foreign Adoption Agencies.

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