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Step 1: Choose your service provider – Adoptive parent/s may either contract the services of a Child Placing Agency (CPA) or a certified/accredited social worker or seek assistance from and adoption social worker at the RACCO – Family Development Unit (FDU) or Local Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWD/MSWD) in the application. 

 Step 2: Attend the Pre-Adoption Forum – Attend the pre-adoption seminar/forum conducted by RACCO-FDU or your chosen CPA. The seminar aims to provide a clearer context about adoption, realities of adopting a child in the Philippines, documentary requirements, and the step-by-step process of the application. 

 Step 3: Submission and Completion of Documentary Requirements – Submit all the applicable requirements to your adoption social worker. 

 Step 4: Awaiting Decision of Application – You will be informed via email by your adoption social worker with regards to the decision of your adoption application.  

 Step 5: Matching


Documentary Requirements
    1.   Application and Undertaking Form; 
    2. Authenticated or SECPA copy of the birth record of the applicant/s;
    3.     Authenticated or SECPA copy of the Marriage Certificate and/or Certificate of No Marriage in SECPA form, in case of termination of marriage, Authenticated Divorce papers with copy of court decision and Certificate of Finality by their Consulate if Foreign applicant; Annulment Decree with Certificate of Finality, Declaration of Nullity, or legal Separation Documents for Filipino applicant;
    4.     Written consent from the appropriate person/s;  
    5.     Medical evaluation form with tests results and Medical Certification by a duly licensed physician. The Certification should indicate that the applicant has no medical condition that prevents him/her in acting or assuming parental responsibilities and taken at least six months from the time of preparation of the Home Study Report; 
    6.     Psychological evaluation report on the applicant/s, as recommended by the social worker;
    7.     NBI or Police Clearances or Court Clearances issued within one year before the filing of the application;
    8.     Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or any document showing financial capacity;
    9.     Letters attesting to the character and general reputation of the PAP/s from at least three non-related character references, of one preferably from an employer or supervisor or with whom the adoptive applicant/s have business dealings. The contact details of the person attesting and the date of its signing must be indicated in the letter;
    10.   5R (127mmx178mm) -sized photos of the applicant/s, his or her immediate family members and their home, taken within the last six (months from the date of submission of application; all photos must be dated; and
    11.   Certificate of Finality (if with a previously adopted child).

      Additional Requirements for Foreign Nationals.

      1. Certificate of Residency in the Philippines for at least five years issued by the Bureau of Immigration or Department of Foreign Affairs, as appropriate; and
      2. Police Clearance from police authorities where the foreign applicant has lived for more than 12 months any time in the past fifteen 15 years.

         Moreover, other documents may be required by the social worker as deemed necessary based on their assessment and recommendation.

         The Certificate of Completion/participation to adoption themed training/s or undertaking to complete pre-adoption training shall be attached to the Petition once the applicant/s file for the domestic administrative adoption.