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Inter-Country Adoption

Who may adopt?

Any foreign national or Filipino citizen permanently residing abroad who meets the requirements and none of the disqualifications outlined in Section 27 of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 8043.

Who may be adopted?

Any child who has been voluntarily or involuntarily committed to the care of the State and issued a Certificate Declaring a Child Legally Available for Adoption and an Intercountry Adoption Clearance.

Is there an age requirement?

PAPs must be at least 27 years old and at least 16 years older than the child to be adopted at the time of application.

Is there an age requirement for a child to be adopted under ICA?

Based on RA No. 11642, a child is someone below 18 years old. However, to comply with a specific receiving country’s immigration policy, like the USA, a child must be below 15 years old to qualify for intercountry adoption.

Are there marital status requirements?

PAPs must be legally wed for a minimum of three years. However, PAPs who have cohabitated for several years leading to marriage are eligible to apply. Single applicants can also apply. However, they are resources for older children.

Are there requirements on religion?

The Philippines is primarily a Christian nation. Spiritual/moral/philosophical/beliefs/value systems, affiliations, attitudes, and practices are required of PAPs.

Are there requirements for educational background and income for PAPs?

PAPs must be high school graduates and have a combined annual income of at least US$ 40,000.

Are there fees to be paid?

An application fee of US$ 200.00 is required upon endorsement of the application. Once matched with a child, a processing fee is required. For a single child, the processing fee is US$2,000.00 while processing fee for sibling groups is US$ 3,000.00. Pre-travel fees are also paid to cover the actual costs of processing the travel documents of the child. The amount of pre-travel fee varies on the number of child/ren, travel documents required by the receiving country and location of the child/ren in the Philippines.

Can PAPs choose a child to be adopted?

No matching arrangement shall be made between the PAPs and the child’s parents/guardians or custodians nor shall any contact between them concerning a particular child be done before the matching proposal of the Child Placement Committee has been approved by the NACC.

There are only two (2) situations where the desire of the PAPs to adopt (a) particular pre-identified child/ren can be processed:

  1. Relative adoption within the 4th degree of consanguinity or affinity
  2. Special Needs Children for Special Home Finding (SNC-SHF).

  • Two or More Pictures of Applicant/s (Preferably blow-up / whole body photo to be shared with CCA once the PAP/s have been matched and have accepted the child; family members and home);
  • Undertaking of the Applicant/s (PAP/s should tick off all applicable items);
  • Information and Personal Data of Applicant/s (Personally filled up by applicant/s, signed and notarized);
  • Home Study Report (To follow NACC Guidelines inclusive of child caring and guardianship plans);
  • Type of Child Acceptable to Family Checklist (There should be no inconsistency between the answers on this checklist and in the HSR, and in the Certificate of Suitability or approved I-800A, for PAPs from the USA);
  • Birth Certificate (Original or Certified True Copy);
  • Medical Evaluation (Preferably prepared within 3 months of filing application on any medical condition/s and its interventions done or required);
  • Psychological Evaluation (If PAP/s are undergoing therapy or medication/s for psychological/psychiatric conditions, must specify most current type of therapy, duration, medication, diagnosis and prognosis). Indicate Psychological Tests used-e.g. MMPI-2-RF2, Neo-PIR, 16-PF, etc.;
  • Self-Report Questionnaire (Optional);
  • Original or Certified True Copy of the Marriage Certificate (Original or Certified True Copy);
  • Certified True Copy of Divorce Decree, if applicable; (if applicable, Certified True Copy);
  • Written Consent to PAPs adoption plan of children 10 years old and above to pap/s adoption plan;
  • Police Clearance (or its equivalent);
  • Character References (from all the following persons who have known the applicant/s for at least five (5) years:
    1. Church minister, priest or pastor;
    2. Employer (For each PAP, a description of his or her work ethics, relationships with superiors, co-employees and subordinates, performance levels, among others); and
    3. Non-relative member of the PAP/s’ immediate community.


  • Letter of Acceptance by designated guardian/s (To include brief background information on the guardians, e.g., age, health, occupation, address and relationship to PAP/s);
  • Income Tax Return (latest certified true copy or its equivalent);
  • Adoption Decree (if with previously adopted Filipino child/ren);
  • Application Fee of US $ 200.00 (cheque or bank transfer, if bank transfer includes the bank transaction slip);
  • Undertaking and Oath Regarding Complete and accurate information on PAP/s (signed and notarized); and
  • Certificate of Suitability (Note: varies per country).

Where do PAPs apply?

The PAPs should coordinate with the Central Authority or Foreign Adoption Agency (accredited by NAAC) in their country of residence regarding their intent to apply for intercountry adoption from the Philippines. The list of FAAs/CAs is available on the NACC website: